Running On EDSA was too good to be true

Running on EDSA was too good to be true. Well, it was too good to be true. I thought that this run would run a significant length of EDSA. White Plains to Robinson’s Galeria is NOT a significant length of EDSA!!!!

But still, any route outside of Bonifacio Global City is worth investigating. It ended up being a fun route!

I almost didn’t make this run. I thought of running 10k here but i felt I was still too wasted after the Condura run. Had visions of collapsing on the Temple Run uphill after seeing the route. Just ran 5k instead.

Anyway, the run was at 5:30am. I woke up at 4:50am. I still decided to try to make it to the starting line. One of the nice things about this run was that they wisely got Robinson’s Galeria to open up their parking spots to runners. They also had electric jeepneys shuttle runners from Galeria to the starting line. Nice touch.

Despite the short stretch of EDSA. It was still a  nice route. That long Ortigas downhill from Meralco to Valle Verde was a hoot to run. Hydration was adequate. Of course, where there’s a killer downhill, there’s a killer uphill. The uphill from Valle Verde up to Corinthian was torture and I ended up walking instead of running. After the uphill though, it was nice dash down White Plains avenue to the Finish.

I personally did not like the booths at the end of the race. The sponsors underestimated the number of runners and ended up running out of giveaways. Having runners line up for water at the end was also not cool. Having a SINGLE line for all runners was definitely not cool.

The end program with Bam Aquino was cute. Nice trivia contest about the EDSA revolution. I flubbed the “What was the theme song of the revolution” question. Dammit. Coulda walked away with a Mizuno GC.


5k PB by a couple of seconds. Still ok. I want to run this again next year. Will run the full 10k down to Libis if they don’t change the route.

Skyway! Ba-bleah!

I trained for the Condura run. I really did.

I was increasing mileage as early as December. I was supposed to run my first 10k in March of 2011. But then moved it up to Feb because I thought that a 10k Skyway run was going to be a very memorable first 10k. (Yes it was!)

I was not in tip-top condition for this. I had a really bad case of cough and cold the night before. So bad that i wasn’t even able to get some quality zzzzz’s the previous night. I was really tempted to just not run that day. It’s a good (or bad) thing this run was sooo expensive that I still ran even while feeling like crap.

It was a nice change for this race to have a different start/finish line. Started at Ayala Triangle then through to Rufino. Up the Skyway through Amorsolo, a U-Turn near Edsa, then left to Buendia on to BHS. It was dark going on to the Skyway. But mannn, the view upon turning left into the Skyway from Pasay Road. PRICELESS! All of the Skyway’s lights ablaze with the road littered with runners was a sight to behold.

I wanted my first 10k to be memorable. That WAS memorable!

Was really slow going from there. Really wanted to conserve energy and was paranoid because of the lack of sleep. Run-Walked through Buendia. Walked up the Buendia Flyover. Tried to continue running after hitting the bottom… only to have cramps on both legs 2 km before the finish. The route finishing past the seductive aromas of the cooking side of the Sunday market just made the last couple of hundred meters worse!

Still a sub 1hr 30minute ain’t bad for a first try for someone severely overweight. This was memorable partly also due to the 10k medal. My first ever running finishers medal.

I will run this again next year. Hopefully doing the half-mary.