I define a favorite place to eat as somewhere I’d go back to again and again. It’s somewhere where I’d drag people to go particiularly if they’ve never been there. It’s that fine balance of price, taste, quality and quantity that earns it it’s place in this list. Will keep on adding if there are any noteworthy additions.

  • Som’s Noodle House (Rockwell Gilid) – Red Curry Tofu and Thai Iced Tea. Better taken out because it’s good for two and three. Any leftover curry can be serendiptized into red curry fried rice. The thai tea is remarkably potent too. You can water it down and will be good for at least three full glasses of tea.
  • Shwarma Snack Center (R. Salas, Manila)Garlic sauce so deadly you need industrial strength mouthwash the following day. Open 24 hours. Probably the only place I will order a Coke to go along with the food.
  • Man-Nang’s (MOA and Megamall) The Filipino sibling of Man-Hann. Tofu sisig rules! The Sinigang na Corned Beef Rocks too!
  • Superbowls of China (all over)I only get one thing here. Any of  the Super Solo meal with Veggie Fried Rice. Hits the spot for around about 130 bucks.
  • Chowking (all over)Halo-halo. ‘Nuff said.
  • Cowboy Grill Express (somewhere in BGC near Dunkin Donuts Café) – Angus Tapsilog for 110 bucks. You just have to make sure you tell the people at the counter you want your egg malasado. That state where you break the yolk on top of the rice to make it some sort of sauce.
  • Chicken Inato (T. Morato) – Much better than any of the other Inasal places. The chicken is a bit tastier and juicier. Unlimited rice, chicken oil and garlic is nice too. 😀
  • Charlie’s Wonton House (Somewhere near Shaw, Mandaluyong City) – Note that there are no “NO MSG” signs here. The Beef Wonton here is awesome! Usually order two at a time because I’m rarely in this area of town.
  • Aling Lucing’s (Riles, Pampanga) –  The place to go for cholesterol loading. I die a little when I eat here but I if do drop dead, I’m sure it’s gonna be  with a big goofy smile on my face.
  • Banana Leaf Café  (Rockwell, Robinson’s Place, SM The Block) Not to be confused with the non-Café version. The café version has solo servings (which are still pretty big) Hainanese Chicken Laksa FTW!

2 thoughts on “My Personal Top Places To Eat

    1. Wow man! Thanks for stumbling onto this blog. Not really ready for public consumption yet. But thanks for noticing.

      Chowking was kind of disappointing recently. They ran out of Halo-Halo during holy week. 🙁

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