Go run and watch “Thelma”

I unabashedly admit that I watched Thelma because it’s a movie about running. I was  feeling pretty down when I saw this but came out of the theater having a little more hope for local cinema.

Thelma is loosely based on the story of Elma Muros. The first act is set around Thelma’s life in the simple but poverty stricken fields of Ilocos Norte. Certain events force Thelma out of school and join a 5k “marathon” <cringe> to win some money for the family. She wins by a mile and is discovered by the local track coach. We follow her journey from being a newbie barefoot athlete to one of the elite runners in the country.

Some of the shots in this movie took my breath away. The last 500m of the first 5k “marathon” <cringe> was jaw-droppingly amazing to watch. Vigan, Pagudpud, the twilight streets of Manila and the University of Makati Running Oval were  beautiful backdrops for the movie. I’d say that the locations even became supporting characters.

I liked the product placements. Kudos to adidas for supporting the movie. Though the rival bitchy runner’s “swooshed” >:) runner’s singlet was a tad too obvious among a sea of three-striped attired athletes. I could expect a Milo tent on the track, but Yellow Cab Pizza? <scratching head>

What I really loved about this movie is that the filmmaker’s respect for running really shone through. I have to give them a big pat on the back to have a minute of Maja Salvador running in super slo-mo at the end showing very good (if not perfect) running form.

Highly recommended. Go watch this in the theater and support Philippine cinema!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1oGnYihAHo&w=560&h=315]

The Cycle Of Opportunity Resolution… 2011

The Cycle of Destruction of 2010 for me has ended. And it WAS a violent and depressing cycle. End of Destruction. Beginning of opportunity.

If there’s something I took away from the ReaderCon yesterday, it’s that I really need to get this blog out there. Not for anyone else, but really for me. At least something that gets me up and at ’em in the morning. I resolve to write (not blog, write) something, anything, with mistakes, with errors and with the least amount of OC-ness just to click on that PUBLISH button.

I’ve merged the three blogs into this. I’ll be getting some of my book reviews from Shelfari as well. There are some drafts leftover and I have to finish ’em. Even if the content is obsolete and outdated.

Wish me luck. Here’s hoping this kickstarts the next 365 days. (sigh)