Boracay Beach Run

Ever since the running bug bit me a year ago, I’ve been trying to find new places to run in and different people to run with. During the TM 2011 district convention in Manila, I got a couple of Toastmasters to run an easy 5k on Roxas Boulevard. See

Running on the sun-kissed beaches of Boracay was wayyy too hard to resist. Even though I left Manila with a sprain that left me bedridden for a couple of days, I still packed running gear hoping I’d be ok by the time I checked into the convention hotel.

Unfortunately, I was still limping throughout the convention. I had painkillers with me but it was still not enough. I had all but given up on crossing the beaches of Boracay off my “Places To Run” list.

Then, someone told me to try Biofreeze. I had my doubts. But miraculously, in one afternoon, the pain disappeared.

It rained really hard the night the convention ended. The heavy rain continued on to the following morning. I was pissed because there’s little point of being on the beach without sunshine, right? It was still overcast after lunch and it didn’t feel right hitting the water in those conditions. I decided to run instead.

The toastmasters I ran with were not available this time. Cathy went home and Jorjames did not attend the Boracay midcon. I laced up my Supernovas, took a swig of water and went on my merry way.

I started on the beach path. After a couple of minutes, I found that my running GPS was not able to acquire a satellite signal. Ended up walking towards the beach and under an unobstructed sky to get a signal. While waiting for a couple of minutes for signal lock, I noticed that the sand was firm due to that morning’s heavy downpour. Firm enough to run on more safely than on loose sand.

This was a slow run. I had no hydration and there were no stores selling Gatorade or water after a certain part of the beach. Even though the sand was firm, I had to be really careful with the uneven surface since I just recovered from that sprain. Stopped here and there to take in the scenery and take pictures. It was just too bad that I didn’t bring an SLR. Was just too heavy and I didn’t have a bag to bring it along.

I was about to turn back at the edge of Station 1 when I stumbled onto the path into Nami Beach. A shame that there was no way of going beyond without getting my sneakers really wet. Had about 3km to run back. Running in wet socks and sneakers would’ve been very uncomfortable.

Turned back to refuel at Real Coffee. A group of us tried to have dessert here the previous night after dinner at Aria. It was closed by the time we got here. The place was known for Kalamansi Muffins. Ended up having a really nice fuel stop. Met Lee Rosaio, the owner/proprietor of Real Coffee. Had a nice chat about Boracay, how it was my first time there, how it’s changed over the years. Did the touristy thing and had a picture with Ms. Rosaio. Also ended up ordering some muffins to take home.

Went through d’mall and finally gallowayed back to the hotel. The sun was shining when I got back. Walked back into the hotel drenched in sweat. Dressed down and attacked the beach.

There’s nothing like floating in the ocean as a reward for a run. This made this extraordinary session into a extraordinarily memorable session. I will come back to Bora to run from Station 3 to Station 1 and beyond. Maybe do the SkyCable run one day.

I hope there’s a nice safe running route in Samal Island. Would love to run there come April 2012. 😉