Very late last year, I decided to take money management more seriously. This started with a really bad injury whose very expensive treatment was not covered by the company HMO. My finances took a big hit. And that’s when I decided to really study alternative income streams.

I discovered that a lot of my savings were really just sleeping. 0.2% (minus taxes, minus service charges) per annum was a shock. My mutual funds took a hit when the global economy crashed a couple of years back.

As a stock market noob. all I was really doing was trolling for tips wherever I could find them. On the other hand, I’ve also been looking for as much education as I can about trading and investing.

Thus, it was a blessing that I ran into a prodigal friend whom I haven’t seen in 15 years, Charmel Delos Santos-Marcial, who was in Manila promoting her new book, “High Heeled Traders”.

I will admit that I wouldn’t have bought “High Heeled Traders” on my own volition. How a screaming pink book can turn my portfolio numbers green was sort of hard to fathom. The things we do for moral support (sigh). It’s a stock market book that’s really targeted towards women. The pink cover will shoo away the most hardened macho stock market trader wannabe.

But if the reader strips away the anecdotes and side stories clearly aimed at the book’s target demographic, one will find an extremely friendly introduction to trading that can be appreciated and understood by anybody who’s about to take the plunge into trading/investing. The book’s scope ranges from the very basics of choosing a broker and how to buy stocks to somewhat intermediate topics like position sizing and option trading.

One of the gems in the book is the brief discussion on Van Tharp’s position sizing and the concept of R. While it is very introductory, it will really help stock market beginners to manage risk and control their investments. This brief discussion really made me google Van Tharp to look for more resources on the net. For more on Position Sizing, surf on over to

There are some inspirational rah-rah anecdotes in the book encouraging newbies that anybody can make decent money off the stock market. But interspersed in between are cautionary pieces of advice, often backed by the author’s own failures in the market. This gives a much needed dose of reality warning beginners to know what they’re getting into before investing their hard earned money.

The book is not perfect. In the later editions, I’d like to see the flowcharts and tables more professionally produced. There’s a “dot matrix” quality to these that make them quite hard to read. I also think that flowcharts should have dedicated pages as shrinking them makes the already sometimes-blurry text even more of a chore to decipher.

While the chapter on options is very thorough and very easy to understand, we don’t trade options in the Philippines. Nice to know, though, if the reader plans to trade elsewhere.

Yet, despite the easily fixable layout glitches, “High Heeled Traders” is a really good book for those who’ve always wanted to try their hand at the stock market but were too intimidated to try. The author brings stock market buzzwords down-to-earth for anyone, woman or man, to understand.

It’s not an end-all book on stock trading. Experienced traders might find the treatment shallow. But rather, think of it as a springboard to other more advanced books by William O’ Neill, Van Tharp and Martin Pring. It’s an appetizer that makes the main courses of Fundamental Analysis, Techincal Analysis, Position Sizing and <insert trading buzzword here> more palatable.

High-Heeled Traders is available in the Philippines from any Fully Booked branch for about 1,500.00. Part of the book’s sale price goes to funding United Nations women empowerment programs.

The author can be reached at where visitors can get a free preview of the book. She can also occasionally be seen lurking in Phil. Stock Market Discussions, Comments and Forecast   facebook group where  she moderates a High Heeled Traders sub-group specifically for women traders (though the men sneak in once in a while). 🙂

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