Cindy Commencal Graces the Third CommencalPH Link

Cindy Commencal, from Andorran bicycle manufacturer Commencal Supervelos, was guest of honor at the third annual Link, an annual gathering organized by Commencal Philippines for dealers, members, owners and riders.

Cindy is the daughter of founder, Max Commencal, and travels the world telling the Commencal story. The bicycle company, known to produce premium downhill and enduro bicycles, was started in 2000 and explosive growth when they started selling online four years later. Their sponsored riders have since rode away with world downhill championships. Locally, the 2017 Enduro Alliance Men’s Elite champion, Nino Martin Eday, is a Commencal Philippines Sponsored rider.

Cindy Commencal was on hand to launch the new 2018 Commencal models. Most notably, the META POWER All-Mountain E-Bike. Pedal Assist Bikes or E-bikes are bicycles that have small, highly efficient electric motors mounted to their frames. Riders still have to pedal to make the bicycles move. The mounted motor just makes it easier and less tiring for cyclists to ride a bike. This is very useful for cyclists who pedal long distances or whose rides involve long and steep climbs.

“E-bikes are the future even in Europe. I’m sure it will be very good for the Philippines because the e-bike is a revolution in the mountain bike world. If you like riding, you can ride twice as much.”, Cindy said.

The META POWER is based off Commencal’s premium and proven META v4.2. The difference is that there is a Shimano Pedal Assist motor that is bolted onto the frame. While it does add a small amount of weight, the payback is that it is a lot easier for riders to ascend up mountains to ride down their favorite enduro or downhill track.

MTBPro, Commencal’s Philippine distributor, also had representatives from global suspension giant Ohlins and bicycle component manufacturer Spank, who presented new products and innovations that will be available in the local bike shops this year.

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Drooling Over The New Mizuno Prophecy

Nope, this isn’t a Japanese doomsday prophecy. Rather it’s the new droolworthy shoe from Mizuno. Master Sports, the Philippine distributor of Mizuno was showing this off during the blogger’s event for the 2011 Mizuno Infinity Run.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Mizuno Wave cushioning system. I’ve always used them for badminton. Badminton is wayyy more demanding from footwear than running. Unlike running, there is no way to avoid heel strike in badminton. Mizunos, so far, are the only  indoor shoes that have ample cushioning and support for the heel WITHOUT sacrificing agility. I have gotten injured on these but it’s really more of (a lot of) excess weight than shoe failure. I’ve had more downtime on other shoes than these. My WAVE JUMPS are on their third year of use (of at least 2x a week on-court use) and are beginning to fall apart.

Yes, I am unashamedly a Mizuno Indoor shoe fanboy.

For the Mizuno running shoes, I wasn’t really too interested because I have wide feet. Most of the Mizuno running shoes were narrow so it wasn’t really my brand of choice. Like every other brand, they had generous heel support but had moderate forefoot support.

Until this version of the Prophecy.

Guaranteed to put a spring in your step

It’s the Mizuno Wave! For Forefoot cushioning! If looks can give you a PB every time you go out in the road, I’d be doing 5 minute 5ks two weeks from now. This shoe looks AWESOME.

The weird thing about the specs is this is supposed to be for heavier runner (Wait a minute, I AM a heavier runner). Yet it’s a neutral shoe. Most heavy runners need stability shoes. The only reason I could think of for this is that Mizuno assumes that the heavy runner has already transitioned into forefoot/midfoot striking  and would not need that much stability in the rear.

I’m also not sure about the wear and tear of the sole. The rubber beneath the forefoot spring looks a bit thin. Wonder how this will affect the lifespan of the Prophecy.

Checking the mizuno USA site, this is retailing for 199 USD in the States. Will be released in the Philippines soon.

Alas, I’m not in the market for new running shoes anytime soon. I just want to know when the 2011 or 2012 edition of the Wave Jump is coming out!