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Run For Brooks

Brooks Adrenaline X's - 276km and counting!
My tortured Adrenalin Xs.Virtually no heel wear!

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First time to see a personalized STRIDER RFID chip. Cute.

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  • The run started late. Since I got no sleep the night before, I was at the venue very early. It was a bad omen that at 5am, the sun was already peeking over the horizon. At 5:30 am, the sun was really high up in the sky. For a run during a really hot summer, this became a really big problem particularly for 15k runners because the latter part of the  route was largely open and unshaded. I heard that this was because the 15k water stations were not set up yet. It’s just a good thing that they didn’t push the pre-race warm-ups.
  • Compounding the overheating problem at the mid part of the 15k route, the water stations were spaced wayyy too far apart after the 7.5 k mark. Water station was after the 7.5k mark was at 10.25k. There was one at around the     I had a hydration pack with me and I didn’t load up when I got to the stations before this. And then the cramps started
  • While it was nice that they had medals for all the finishers. There really should have been different medals for each distance. Getting my first 15k medal only to find out my other friends got the SAME medal for finishing their first 3k kinda took something out of the achievement.
  • The results took some time to publish. RFID tags are supposed to make result publishing instantaneous. I thought that the results could have been better formatted. The names could have been been included with the bib numbers. Another important piece of data which was not included (though I’m sorta glad it wasn’t published because of my pathetic performance) was finish order. There also could have been an option to sort the results since they were published from a database driven site.
  • Lastly, I heard that there was a route problem with the 3k run. There was no signage along the route and the 3k became a 1.5k. I think this problem could have been averted by including the route map in the kit. If the route maps were not final yet when the kits were given out, the maps could also have been included with the singlets when they were distributed the week before the race.

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HYUNDAI RUN FOR A CAUSE 2011 – The Best Runs In Life Are Free!

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  • Over 24,000 runners
  • 3 waves of 10K runners
  • 5 waves of 5K runners
  •  100 Professional Medics
  • 50 Roving Medics
  • Mobile Clinic
  • 14 Medic Stations
  • 14 Ambulances
  • 5 K9s
  • 75 Metro Aides
  • 200 Start/Finish Line Personnel
  • 500 Route Marshals
  • 150 Police Traffic Enforcement Officers
  • 2 Fire Trucks with 12 Fire Fighters
  • 126,000 bottled Hyundai water
  • 100 Portalets pharmacy

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Run United 1 2011 aka RunRio showing off

Runrio is the country’s premiere running organizer. Period. No Erase.

If there’s one thing that Run United 1 was, it was a showcase for RunRio’s bells and whistle that makes their runs totally stand out. World-Class even.

I almost forgot to register for this run. I ended up signing up on the last day and thus got stuck with a really small singlet. Even if this was going to be held in BGC, it would be my first 10k in that area.

Any runner who joins a runrio event has high expectations. A runner expects to be spoiled from registration to after crossing the finish line. Run United 1 did not only not disappoint, it exceeded my expectations that I was still going oooooh and aaaaah weeks after the event.

During the run, hydration and kilometer markers were aplenty. They were playing the runrio song which I kinda zoned out on preferring my own sounds. It was at the finish line where, if you weren’t too tired, you’d notice some interesting things.

It was nice that the announcer had a live feed to the finish line. Announcer would be shouting off encouragement to runners crossing the finish line like “Runner 4989 making a mad dash to the finish” or “Runner 1501, you can do it. Let’s finish strong.”  I also couldn’t miss the throng of paparazzi positioned before and after the finish line. (More on this later) There are usually photographers stationed here but not this many.

Claiming the loot bags was easy. No lines whatsoever. Then, conveniently from the lot bag claim area to the Unilab areas,  there were a bunch of people in runrio uniforms lugging around iPads. They approached me and nicely asked if I wanted to know my finish time and place. Wow. Immediately after the race. Asked for my Bib number and there were my race stats on the iPad.

Unilab events are kinda expensive but with all the freebies, they really make up for it. I specially like the post race areas where they’ve got people checking cholesterol (dammit, shouldn’t have had that Krispy Kreme burger!), bone density, diets and more. One another side of the post-race area are tents where professionals can advise  runners on proper running form, cross training, training for longer distances, etc. It’s a really nice experience where participants are given the tools and motivation to run their next race.

So that was supposed to be it right? Wrong.

Turns out that runrio had a couple more tricks for participants.

The first surprise was the bazusports site. Posting times and place in age groups is not that different. But posting pictures and video of a runner crossing the finish line was AWESOME. My guess is that they took the runner’s finish time and found a way to sort the pictures taken by the paparazzi at the finish line. They correlated the finish time to the pictture’s time stamp. Not too difficult to do but it was really smart of runrio to implement this. For the video, they took 10-second “slices” of video then posted a link to the “slice” corresponding to the runner’s finish time. Again, pretty easy to automate on a computer but it was genius for them to go the extra mile and give it to the runners. <SLOW CLAP>

The second surprise was publishing results in It’s for people who just geek out to numbers and statistics. Wanna know how many people you passed and passed you in the last kilometer? Wanna know where you were when the first placer finished? Wanna know where you were struggling on the route when the average runner finished? Well, good news because now you can find out!

RunPix was actually depressing for me seeing how much faster I need to be to become average. But, on another note, it showed how conditioned the runners who join runrio events are. I finished behind 76% of the 10k runners. In others, I’d be somewhere in the middle.

In fairness, we really don’t need this many bells and whistles to have a good run. However, for the extra cost a runner pays for runrio events. It’s just nice to know that runners get these extra along with additional cost. There are other more expensive runs out there where the participant pays more for less. As a matter of fact, I wanted to join another 10k that had exactly the same route but backed out due to the cost. Pretty singlet though.

Oh yeah, goes without saying. But sign me up for Run United 2 and 3. Just hope they tweak the route a bit.

when will viagra become generic AFTERMATH:

First 10k after that semi-disastrous Condura run. sildenafil 50mg Shave 3 minutes off my time there. Was happy crossing the finish line. The pictures are proof of that 😀

Running On EDSA was too good to be true

Running on EDSA was too good to be true. Well, it was too good to be true. I thought that this run would run a significant length of EDSA. White Plains to Robinson’s Galeria is NOT a significant length of EDSA!!!!

But still, any route outside of Bonifacio Global City is worth investigating. It ended up being a fun route!

I almost didn’t make this run. I thought of running 10k here but i felt I was still too wasted after the Condura run. Had visions of collapsing on the Temple Run uphill after seeing the route. Just ran 5k instead.

Anyway, the run was at 5:30am. I woke up at 4:50am. I still decided to try to make it to the starting line. One of the nice things about this run was that they wisely got Robinson’s Galeria to open up their parking spots to runners. They also had electric jeepneys shuttle runners from Galeria to the starting line. Nice touch.

Despite the short stretch of EDSA. It was still a  nice route. That long Ortigas downhill from Meralco to Valle Verde was a hoot to run. Hydration was adequate. Of course, where there’s a killer downhill, there’s a killer uphill. The uphill from Valle Verde up to Corinthian was torture and I ended up walking instead of running. After the uphill though, it was nice dash down White Plains avenue to the Finish.

I personally did not like the booths at the end of the race. The sponsors underestimated the number of runners and ended up running out of giveaways. Having runners line up for water at the end was also not cool. Having a SINGLE line for all runners was definitely not cool.

The end program with Bam Aquino was cute. Nice trivia contest about the EDSA revolution. I flubbed the “What was the theme song of the revolution” question. Dammit. Coulda walked away with a Mizuno GC.

viagra generic availability AFTERMATH:

5k PB by a couple of seconds. Still ok. I want to run this again next year. Will run the full 10k down to Libis if they don’t change the route. how long does viagra last